noun swa·mmee ˈswä-mē

Definition of swammee

1 :nickname earned by retail print commerce consultants with proven vision and demonstrated success

2 : one that resembles or emulates a swami : pundit, seer

3 : a senior member of an organization — used as a title

Retail Print Commerce Consultants

We provide business strategies for print site owners and prospective print site builders as retail print commerce consultants. Our lead consultant, Mark Thompson, has been doing so, successfully, for more than 20 years having worked with the largest online US and global printing companies as well as some of the most successful local US print shops. We explore with you, helping you determine if you should defer, build, buy or sell, and if you should move forward, how to minimize your risk and maximize your ROI.

Web Site To Business Alignment

We develop specific, sustainable retail print commerce business foundations based on correctly aligning:

  • Budgeting
  • Staffing
  • Resourcing
  • Target Markets
  • Site Functionalities
  • SaaS and Custom Paths
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sustainable ROI

Our References

Our references can be contacted upon request through us and they include these excellent retail print commerce business leaders:

     Blair Brewster: CEO SmartSign | XpressMyself

     Todd Davenport: CEO Dataworx | Courtland

     Michael Del Chiaro: Partner Go2Partners

     Mark Ditteaux: CEO Mark-it Smart

     Mike Miller: COO Cardinal Brands (presently COO Advisors Excel)

     Greg Salzman: CEO Aleyant Systems | Pressero

Additional references available upon request.


Strategic Positioning M & A

We offer strategic positioning for, and engagement in, mergers and acquisitions of print commerce businesses. This includes preparing your business to be sold and helping you find serious potential buyers. This also includes helping you define targets, synergies and approaches to potential retail print commerce businesses for acquisition.

There is no other group of people with the time, exposure, connectivity and experience that we have as retail print commerce consultants providing:

  • Retail Print Commerce Site and Business Valuation
  • Retail Print Commerce Site Acquisition Representation
  • Retail Print Commerce Site and Business M & A Engagement

Who We Work With

Over more than twenty years, we have worked with, among others:

     Aleyant / Pressero
     Avery Label
     CopyMax / OfficeMax
     FedEx / Kinkos
     InnerWorkings / InkChaser
     RR Donnelly / Cardinal Brands
     Smart Sign / XpressMyself
     Taylor Corp.
Expanded client list available upon request.

We provide retail print commerce business consulting.
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Swammee Retail Print Commerce

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